Walking workshops

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Sharing and learning

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Why a Walking Workshop?

For most of my career as a photographer I’ve been primarily involved with people, either in groups or individuals within their work, leisure or home environments. 

Despite our instinctive understanding of people and their behaviours, expressions and body language we also learn a great deal as we grow up.

But recently I was commissioned to undertake some landscape photography for a property developer and during the shoot I realised I had no idea why the landscape was as it is. Why is that tree on its own? What created the dips and hollows in the landscape? Why is there a clearing in a densely populated woodland?

I wouldn’t undertake a portrait without some brief conversation with the client so what would I do differently if I knew more about the landscape? 

I started to take an interest in the outdoors and it changed my perspective on photography. Now I want to share that with you.