Event photography

It's all about capturing the moment(s)...

Having eyes in the back of your head is not only essential if you have children but I've also discovered a handy skill if you're an event photographer.

Most of the events I tend to cover fall into three different types; parties, conferences or editorial opportunities.

For parties I can either float about and capture everyone having fun, producing both candid and staged images and then provide them either digitally or via a password-protected gallery which you can share with your guests or download. 

I can also provide a pop-up studio and print on site so your guests can take home their favourite prints from the event.

Conferences are a classic example of an event where a company needs to capture the speakers, the attendees looking engaged and interested as well as photographing the essence of the day. Many companies take this opportunity of engaging me to shoot candid and posed staff headshots.

Editorial opportunities can be anything from a product launch, imagery to go with a press release or a VIP visit. For the most part you'll want a series of set up and well posed images that the press will use and perhaps a few fun ones as well for social media.

So you do what you need to do and let me be the one with eyes in the back of my head!


For a more accurate quote I suggest you drop me a line and we can have a chat about exactly what you're after but as a basic guideline my hourly rate is £125, half day rate is £250 and the full day is £495. Travel and expenses may also be applicable depending on the job.

Prices can be reduced for large parties where we are using the pop-up studio - get in touch for more details.

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