Portrait Photography

'I hate having my picture taken...'

If I had a pound for every time someone said that to me I'd be able to take you all out for lunch.

But I can see why - unless you're a model or a celebrity it's a very unusual experience. Which is why when you do have to do it, it's worth doing well, which means taking your time.

I've been lucky enough to photograph members of the Royal family, politicians, celebrities, comedians, actors, business leaders and lots in between but everyone acts differently when you put a camera in their face.

Some people take to the studio set up and others are happier on an outdoor location shoot. But crucially it boils down to you being comfortable in front of the camera so I can get a picture of you - the real you!

I can offer outdoor location shots or studio shoots depending on what you need so best to drop me a line and we can talk it through.

After the shoot you'll receive a link to the unedited images on a password-protected gallery where you can then choose your favourites for me to finish off. 


For a more accurate quote I suggest you drop me a line and we can have a chat about exactly what you're after but as a basic guideline my hourly rate is £125 which includes five edited digital images. Additional images are £10 each and prints are also available.

Travel and expenses may also be applicable depending on the job.

For more details either give me a call or use the form below.

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