Who are your photos for?

New imagery for door manufacturers Urban Front

New imagery for door manufacturers Urban Front

This may strike you as an odd question. But it's always a stumbling block when I meet new clients to discuss their imagery. We regularly talk about what imagery reflects you as a business but can rarely identify who it is for.

Who is your demographic? Do we need to consider cultural differences? What are the implications of using stock imagery? Is black and white appropriate?
Your prospective customers may have already decided whether they want to use you before they've read a single word on your website - but only if your brand imagery is right.

New imagery for door manufacturers Urban Front

Towards the end of last year I was commissioned by door designers Urban Front to undertake a series of candid portraits of their workforce. The images were to be used on Instagram so needed to be a tad more punchy than you'd expect to see on the website.

At the same time, Elizabeth Assaf, co-founder of Urban Front was in need of a portrait for her new book Door Couture. She wanted to come across as relaxed and stylish - very much herself. 
We shot in the factory, the showroom and outside and ended up with way, way more than we needed but at least we had options!
Here's a few from that shoot and the one that ended up in print.

"Love your work – you put me at ease straightaway and it’s always a very fun experience. The pictures have surpassed any ideas I had and completely work for my book and for other press opportunities coming up. Thanks so much you are a star at what you do!"
Elizabeth Assaf - Urban Front